In the beginning.

Warping an inkle loom is blissfully easy, compared to some other looms.

  • You can warp directly onto the loom — no winding a warp separately and then moving it over.
  • Most warps can be put on a standard size loom (like an Ashford or Schacht) in about an hour. Maybe more, maybe less.
  • You don’t need any special tools.I use cans of soup and maybe a deep basket or bowl.
  • Your warp can be a little bit of a mess at the front peg and it will sort itself out as soon as you start weaving.

Here is a fresh warp, no weaving done on it yet, shown on the loom from the front peg (left) and the top back peg (right).

That front peg looks a little concerning, doesn’t it? But it’s not. Really. Don’t worry.

Here’s how that same warp look after I’ve inserted just three of my little coffee sticks that I use to spread the warp. Only three, and it’s all better!


All nice and straight.

With thanks to Douglas Adams, the moral of the story here is: Don’t panic.