Warping paths

There are lots of inkle looms out there. I have only a few. But here, to help anyone else out, are the warping paths I use, and I can add more as I get them.


ALERT ALERT — I warp my Schacht oddly. It doesn’t look like the manual, but I like it. My heddles are on a different peg, so they are shorter, and it makes my up shed the resting position rather than the neutral shed. And admittedly, the band does rub against itself at the bottom. But it gives me a few extra inches of length and I’m used to it.

I love this little loom and its double tensioners. I warp this one by the book. When advancing, make sure you don’t pinch any warp threads in the adjustment peg or the fulcrum of the paddle. That will annoy you and may stretch your warp unevenly if you get too passionate. Of course, I’ve never done that (whistles innocently.)

Ashford Workaround with notes

Ashford has now changed the tensioning on their newer inkle looms. Hallelujah! But if you have an older one like I do, and you want to use it, you may run into a common problem with these older tension paddles — they don’t provide enough slack to weave your whole warp. Wuh? I know. But in this photo I show a workaround you can employ when your warp gets tooooooo tight to advance. So this picture is cheating. It isn’t showing a normal Ashford warping path. To get that, please just imagine that the warp is wound around the pegs in alphabetical order.